Life Legacies with Lisa…because your loved ones stories matter!

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Life Legacies $500

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Interviews 9-12 will be available at $575

Life Legacies $575 (interviews 9-12)


Once you've paid for your Loved One's Life Legacies session book a time for a planning call on our calendar HERE.

If you're like most people there are loved ones in your life whose stories matter to you; loved ones whose message and presence you want to capture for now and for the future; loved ones who have a legacy that matters.  And if you're like most people you intend to capture those stories in writing or in audio or video recording.  But like most people you might not ever have gotten around to it.

I know this experience first-hand in that in 2016 my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after which she declined steeply over the course of three months.  And in the weeks leading up to her death, I felt a profound need, almost panic and a deep desire to have something to keep of hers; something to hold on to.  But really, what I wanted was her voice.  I wanted her stories. What I really wanted was the wisdom and advice that she would give me to go forward in my life.  And at one point, I even asked her for a directive for my life.  Mom, can you please tell me how I should live when you're not here.  When my mom died I'd captured one voice recording of her just days before she died, while I was lying in bed with her…it's a conversation I'm happy to have…but it's not the same conversation I would have had if I'd recorded her stories in advance.

About six months after she died, I did an interview with my 95-year-old great aunt about her experience in the Japanese Canadian internment camps during the Second World War.  About six months later she had a stroke and could no longer speak and I was so happy to have some of her life recorded in her own voice.

So what I know to be true is that our loved ones Life Stories are precious.

If you think there's a chance you won't get around to it, or if you wouldn't know where to start, or if there's something in your relationship that might get in the way of a deep, honoring conversation why not hire a professional interviewer to do it for you so you can be sure to have a Life Stories Legacy before more time passes.

I'm an actor, a media host, and a podcaster. I've worked extensively as a performer in Toronto and in Hollywood and have done over 100 interviews with both famous people and everyday folks.  I'm masterful at creating a fertile environment in which they can tell their stories freely, in which they feel seen and affirmed and which creates a space in which their stories, their legacy can be captured for now and for always.

The cost for this service, although the result is going to be priceless, is just $650 but because this is an early stage offering I'm offering pricing as


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