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Independent Learning; Consulting for Families

I am frequently approached by parents and families at varying stages of independent learning. Some like the idea of leaving the institutional approach but want more information before taking the leap, while others are experienced in one particular approach to independent learning but would like to try something new or reinvent their methods.  Our consultants can help.

Who Could Benefit from LBL Educational Consulting?

Families who have younger children who want to leave the traditional school system.  Maybe you’ve thought about homeschooling, un-schooling or custom learning and you’re not sure where to begin…

There is so much information available online but as a parent who wants the best for your children you may feel overwhelmed by the possibilities. We can encourage you and help you understand the options available to you.  Perhaps you're trying to decide if you'll homeschool. We can discuss the variety of options available and help you discover the right path for your family.

Even experienced homeschool parents may still have questions or need some guidance from time to time. This is especially true if you're switching methods or perhaps your child is leaving middle school years and headed into high school years. One of our consultants can help you map out the road to keep you going forward on your journey!

Areas of Expertise

  • Gifted Learners
  • Academic and IQ testing info (we do not offer IQ testing itself)
  • Twice-exceptional
  • Child-led Learning
  • Independent Learning in California (laws, compliance, resources)
  • Encouragement and Support
  • MetaLearning and 21st Century Learning Skills
  • Community-building for Independent Learners
  • Travel-schooling

Some of the concerns our clients have faced:

Time commitment.  How much time is needed?  Is it possible given my circumstances and work commitments?

Resources and Financial Considerations.  How much are the resources and materials I might need?  Are there ways to access low-cost materials or to defray some of the costs?

Academic considerations.  Will my child be able to have his or her academic needs met?  What is the best method of tracking progress? What if I’m not a teacher?  My child is certainly not getting their needs met in school; will they be better served as an independent learner?

Learning Approaches.  I’ve heard there are different approaches to independent learning.  I’m not sure what my options are or what would make most sense for my family.

Social considerations.  My child is really social and I’m worried that there won’t be enough opportunities to make friends.  I really don’t want my child to be isolated.

Local Resources.  What kinds of resources are available in my area and how can I access them?

Legal considerations.  Is homeschooling legal?  What do I need to do to begin?

What about testing?  My child appears to be gifted and testing has been recommended.  I have no idea about the types of testing available, how much it will cost or what I can expect to learn and what to do with the information if we do test.

How can I ensure success?  All this responsibility is scary! Will we need to do standardized tests?  What else do we need to do to make sure our child is successful?

What about college? Is it still an option for independent learners? Do colleges and universities accept nontraditional learners? What alternatives are available?

Services and Rates

For families new to independent learning, we have a few options for consulting:

Basic Conversation is a 30-minute phone call to brainstorm, ask questions and have a sounding board for your current educational issues and planning.  Choose the time that works best for you on Lisa's Calendar and submit your fee of $50 by Paypal to  Please include your name and note with the date and time you've booked.

Our Introductory Session covers a variety of basics about independent learning and includes an opportunity for you to ask questions regarding your specific circumstances.  You will be provided with follow-up in the form of a basic list of recommended resources.

Introductory Session

Our Planning Package includes the Introductory Session to work through the basics and have a conversation about your specific situation. We will take the information gained in that session to put together a list of suggested resources and present it to you in a second session where you will leave with a plan to move forward.

Planning Package

For families that are experienced in alternative learning techniques, but would like help creating new structures or changing direction, we offer a Single or Double Session Package. We will discuss your current processes, what is or is not working, and how you can move forward.



How it Works

Consulting can be done by phone, Skype, Google Hangout or in person if you would like to travel to us.  Lisa Betts-LaCroix is located in Belmont, CA.