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     This is a meta-episode.  In the planning stages of the podcast, I discovered that in spite of inviting women guests three times as often as male guests there were still twice as many men agreeing to be interviewed.  My mastermind group speculated on why that might be the case
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     My conversation with Christine Marie Mason was wide-ranging and deep… just like her. We talked about parenting, being a polymath, restorative justice in the prison system and the fact that everything is connected… in fact, indivisible– which, not coincidentally, is also the title of her book. Christine’s life and
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    Welcome to the Super Power U Podcast.  Today's Episode is an Introduction to the Show.  I'd like to share the purpose of the show and what you can expect.   Links and Resources: Subscribe and Review on iTunes Send show ideas to Lisa at Hey@LisaBL.com Transcript: Lisa: 00:00 Hello, you're listening
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    We know that Millenials and Teens will be a major force in the recreation of learning.  So why not find out how they see the future of learning!?  We want teen voices at our InnovationEd conference!  If you are a teenager and you have strong opinions on what's wrong with education and