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     My conversation with Christine Marie Mason was wide-ranging and deep… just like her. We talked about parenting, being a polymath, restorative justice in the prison system and the fact that everything is connected… in fact, indivisible– which, not coincidentally, is also the title of her book. Christine’s life and
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    Welcome to the Super Power U Podcast.  Today's Episode is an Introduction to the Show.  I'd like to share the purpose of the show and what you can expect.   Links and Resources: Subscribe and Review on iTunes Send show ideas to Lisa at Hey@LisaBL.com Transcript: Lisa: 00:00 Hello, you're listening
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    We know that Millenials and Teens will be a major force in the recreation of learning.  So why not find out how they see the future of learning!?  We want teen voices at our InnovationEd conference!  If you are a teenager and you have strong opinions on what's wrong with education and