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Lou Diamond featured Lisa on his Thrive Loud Podcast: “Lisa Betts-LaCroix is a podcaster, speaker, actor, and dancer and host of the Super Power U Podcast. She’s been featured in over 100 films, television episodes, and movies-of-the-week and is a dance performer and speaker who inspires audiences to embrace vitality and passion and reclaim empowered living in later life. In spite of taking up dance at age 50 she is a World Champion Pro-Am American Rhythm Ballroom dancer.”

What a pleasure to be a guest on Mary Power’s Podcast Experience 50.  Mary is a generous, gracious host and we had a lovely conversation.  Listen in: “Meet my guest, Lisa Betts-LaCroix. She helps us identify our inner Super Powers shares her midlife story of becoming a competitive ballroom dance, her involvement in the independent learning community and why 50 is NOT too late to pivot into new adventures.”

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