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“Most people think aging is something to fear and that we are trapped in the cultural narrative of Too old, Too late.  We have internalized beliefs that it's necessary to act, dress and be certain ways at certain ages and stages.”
-Lisa Betts-LaCroix
These are the stories most people believe about aging. Lisa challenges those notions!  She is warm, funny and real and she embodies a spirit of curiosity and growth, even through life's painful plot twists. She challenges the narratives of what's possible as we age.
After decades of building learning and parenting communities, Lisa started Latin Ballroom Dance at age 50.  In spite of the narrative that said “You're Too Old and it's Too Late to being a dance form that is youthful, physically challenging and sexy” she went on to win a World Championship in her age category just two years later.  Now she's passionately committed to encouraging others to do new things, dress differently, date, love, change careers, dance or pursue long-held dreams?

Lisa Betts-LaCroix aims to change your thinking. 

Available talks and the audiences they impact:

“The Mid-Life Mindset Shift”

Audience: Biotech, Longevity & Anti-Aging Medical Communities
Lisa brings a fresh perspective and energy to medical and anti-aging conferences which can sometimes be highly analytical and dry.  She understands the psychology and mindset shift necessary to help people feel excited and energized by the advancements in the longevity and bio-hacking movements.  This talk, especially when combined with Lisa performing with her partner,  is a beautiful and inspiring illustration of what's made possible by the brilliant contribution of aging scientists.

“ChangeAGEnts: Never Too Old, Never Too Late”

Audience: Women's Future, Aging Empowerment, and Modern Elder Events
This talk is a celebration and inspiration! After entertaining the audience with a gorgeous partner dance, Lisa tells the story of her own journey from homeschooling parent to World Champion Ballroom dancer at the age of 51 and offers tips for making the most of this rich stage of life.

“The Power of the Perrenial; Celebrating Aging”

Audience: Corporations, Media and HR departments
Marketing Focus: Midlife people are America's super consumers and 50+ American women exercise over $15 trillion dollars in purchasing power.  Smart companies will benefit from understanding the mindset and emotional empowerment this powerful population wants to see and feel in how they're represented.  This talk helps marketing departments and advertisers ensure this important market doesn't feel ignored or excluded.
Workplace Engagement Focus: The fastest-growing age demographic in the workplace is 65 and older.  This talk speaks to the need for organizations and companies to take advantage of the wisdom and experience of midlife contributors to their organization.  It also addresses the ways in which employees returning to the workforce or pivoting within it can make incredible contributions by fully owning and using their power.

Recent talks:

“ChangeAGEnts; Re-envisioning our Later Years”


Lisa Betts-LaCroix offers up the idea of rebranding aging and excavating any internalized beliefs about age from our own consciousness. She is warm and funny and real. We're all about this. You're alive, be free, do what you're called to do. Less than 20 minutes, great coffee break watch!

-Christine Marie Mason

The amazing thing about Lisa Betts-LaCroix is her tremendous ability to call bullshit on the aging philosophy most of society seems to be embracing hook line and sinker! She rebrands aging in a way that drives the point home home home! Do you think you are too old to try new things, dress differently, date, love, change careers, dance or anything? Lisa aims to change that. Her super speech on Rebranding Aging resonates deep.

-Victoria Lorient-Faibish

I went with the intention of dancing. I decided to reclaim this love of my life…despite my age and my size. I have loved dancing as far back as I can remember. On the very first day of the WomanSpeak event, this woman hit the stage first. Lisa spoke on Rebranding Aging, and her journey and success as a Latin ballroom competition dancer!!! The Universe knows just what we need…right when we need to hear it/see it.

-Stephanie Bowie

Lisa speaks about rebranding aging, in particular for women. She is truly an inspiring speaker. Have a listen. You'll be glad you did.

-Katherine Lawsen

In 12 minutes flat, Lisa managed to blow-up and re-create your notions of aging – particularly as it relates to women. Do not miss this, it's positively mesmerizing!

-June K.

“She had us when she walked out on stage, with her delightful charm, wit, heart and super powers.”

-Susan Washington

“Lisa’s Rock your Talk workshop is a powerful asset to anyone looking to communicate a vision. I came away with more tangible skills that I still use almost every day. She has helped shape the way I communicate and also given me simple tools to help others communicate more compellingly. I highly recommend Rock your Talk!”

-Eric Glustrom, Watson University

Selected Past Speaking Events

Lisa has spoken on stages and at events for organizations including: WomanSpeak International Festival 2019, Innovation Education 2016, The Passion Co. SHINE event SF,  The Journey Talks, Thiel Fellowship Under 20 Summit, New York and 20 Under 20 Retreat, PG Retreat Colorado Springs, SXSWedu in Austin, CreativeLIVE online course, The Harker School in San Jose, Uncollege, Charles Rivers Ventures, Quantified Self at Stanford University, Quantified Self Conference in San Francisco, HSC Conference in Sacramento.

Speaker Bio

Lisa Betts-LaCroix is a speaker, writer and outspoken advocate for radical alternatives to living and learning. She's been featured in 100+ television, radio and news pieces including CBS News, the Financial Times, MGM, Universal and 20th Century Fox.  As a film and tv actor, she's worked with household names like Norman Jewison, Angela Lansbury, Adam Beach, Kathy Bates and David Carradine and she holds a World Title in Pro-Am American Rhythm ballroom dance.    Lisa is passionate about finding new ways to support people create their own path in the uncharted waters of the future world and believes that embracing agency over one’s living and learning path is a privilege and a right.

Lisa also speaks on Education and the Future of Learning

To find out more or to inquire on dates and appearances please contact Lisa@LisaBL.com