Shedding light on outdated cultural narratives.  Exposing the stories that limit us to make room for Exceptional Possibility.


Bring Lisa to light up your audience!

With her warm, vibrant speaking style and authentic personal stories around aging, Lisa challenges cultural narratives and motivates profound mind-shifts in people of all ages.

“People aren’t annuals that die out at the end of one season. We are perennials that bloom anew each season with deeper roots, more vibrancy, and brighter color to offer the world.” 

— Lisa Betts-LaCroix

Most people, no matter what their age, are trapped in the cultural narrative of Too Old and Too Late. What if, instead of running from the fear of pain and loss in aging, we embraced it as part of the fire from which we come through anew? What kind of fun could we have? What kind of adventures could we go on together? What kind of relationships could we build if we supported each other in this process? And what kind of changes could we bring to the world? 

Through sharing her own experiences and plot twists, Lisa inspires audiences to see that the true nature of aging is an ongoing opportunity for continuously reinventing, reengineering, and reimagining the Self.
She is warm, funny and real and she embodies a spirit of curiosity and growth, even through life's painful plot twists. She challenges the narratives of what's possible as we age.
Here is a longer version of the WomanSpeak “Rebranding Aging” Talk…

After decades of breaking ground and building communities in radical movements like education innovation and bio-hacking, Lisa challenged herself to learn Latin Ballroom Dance at age 50. Confronting her own voices that said Too Old and Too Late to learn a youthful, sexy, physically challenging dance form, she went on to win a World Championship in her age category just two years later. 

Now Lisa is passionately committed to motivating others to ditch the “old” in aging and stretch self-perception, take on daunting challenges, connect authentically across ages, love audaciously, change careers, dress to shine, go after long-held or newly-imagined dreams, and, of course, dance.

Transformative Talks

Available talks and the audiences they impact:

“Rebranding Aging”

Audience: Personal Growth and Motivational Events

Lisa’s cornerstone talk ignites audiences to challenge cultural narratives around aging. She brings personal stories and new mental models to shift perceived limitations and inspire continuous reinvention. People leave with new motivation, worlds of possibility, and Lisa’s dynamic embodiment of rebranding what it means to age.  

“The Longevity Mindset”

Audience: Biotech, Longevity & Anti-Aging Medical Communities

Who wants to live longer if it means more old age? As the science of aging advances, so must our mindsets. Bringing energy and a fresh perspective to medical and anti-aging conferences and businesses, Lisa reimagines possibilities of the aging experience. She understands the psychology necessary to get people excited about advancements in the longevity, anti-aging, and bio-hacking movements. This talk, combined with an inspirational ballroom dance performance, is an engaging demonstration of what's possible when the brilliant contributions of scientists converge with the mental models Lisa offers.

“Change AGEnts: Never Too Old, Never Too Late”

Audience: Aging Empowerment and Modern Elder Events

A celebration and inspiration, this talk is a powerful opener or close to your gathering of enlightened elders. Lisa shares her journey from homeschooling mom to World Champion Ballroom dancer at the age of 51, offering your audience a dynamic example of ongoing reinvention through aging. With her engaging storytelling, personal examples, and contagious vibrancy, Lisa motivates and excites people to reconsider what’s possible in this rich stage of life.

“Celebrating Aging: The Power of Generation Perennial”

Audience: Corporations, Media, and HR Departments

For Marketers: 

People at mid-life and above are America's super-consumers, with women aged 50+ exercising over $15 trillion in purchasing power. Yet, how their demographic is represented in media often misses the mark. Lisa inspires smart companies to understand the vibrant mindset and invigorated lifestyles of their target audience. This talk helps marketing departments and advertisers to make authentic connections with the new older age.

For Employee Professional Development: 

The fastest-growing age demographic in the workplace is 50 and up. But attitudes, especially in youth-oriented start-up culture, can get in the way of organizations leveraging the power this demographic. Lisa offers insight and practical tools to foster engagement between the generations, allowing for powerful workplace cross-pollination. With her personal experiences and mental models, she guides employees and business leaders in reframing aging to ignite passion and possibility.


“ChangeAGEnts; Re-envisioning our Later Years”

Lisa's inspirational talks can be stand-alone or can be combined with a dance performance (West Coast Swing, Latin Rumba, Show Dance), a movement workshop or an interactive workshop on a variety of fun and educational topics.

Please contact us to design something unique and entertaining for your event.


In 12 minutes flat, Lisa managed to blow-up and re-create our notions of aging, particularly as they relate to women. Do not miss this—it's positively mesmerizing!

— Kia Divine, Singer-Songwriter

“Lisa Betts-LaCroix . . . is warm and funny and real. Her message? You're alive! Be free, do what you're called to do.”

— Christine Marie Mason, CEO of Rosebud Woman

The amazing thing about Lisa Betts-LaCroix is her tremendous ability to call BS on the aging philosophy most of society seems to be falling for hook, line, and sinker! Her fabulous speech on Rebranding Aging resonates deep.

— Victoria Lorient-Faibish, Media Personality and Holistic Psychotherapist

“On the very first day of the WomanSpeak event, this woman hit the stage first. The Universe knows just what we need . . . right when we need to hear it.”

— Stephanie Bowie, WomanSpeak attendee

“From the moment she walked on stage, Lisa had us with her delightful charm, wit, heart, and super powers.”

— Susan Washington, Leadership Coach

Lisa is truly an inspiring speaker. Have a listen. You'll be glad you did.

-Katherine Lawsen,

Selected Past Speaking Events

Lisa has commanded stages for organizations including: WomanSpeak International Festival 2019, Innovation Education 2016, The Passion Co. SHINE event SF,  The Journey Talks, Thiel Fellowship Under 20 Summit, New York and 20 Under 20 Retreat, PG Retreat Colorado Springs, SXSWedu in Austin, CreativeLIVE online course, The Harker School in San Jose, Uncollege, Charles Rivers Ventures, Quantified Self at Stanford University, Quantified Self Conference in San Francisco, HSC Conference in Sacramento.

Speaker Bio

Lisa Betts-LaCroix is a speaker, writer, podcaster, dance performer, and outspoken advocate for living, learning, and aging by design. She's been featured in Wired Magazine and on CBS News and Swiss RV. She has appeared as a featured performer, guest star, or series regular in over 100 television, film, radio, and news pieces and has performed with, or been directed by household names like Norman Jewison, Angela Lansbury, Adam Beach, Kathy Bates, and David Carradine. As host of the Super Power U Podcast she has produced and hosted over 80 episodes with fascinating guests revealing the Super Power behind their successes. Lisa has presented on stages at the International WomanSpeak Festival in Sedona, SXSWedu in Austin, Under 20 Summit in NYC, PG Retreat in Colorado Springs, and in spite of taking up dance at age 50, she is a World Champion Pro-Am American Rhythm Ballroom dancer. Lisa specializes in combining dance performance with personal storytelling to deliver a message that inspires audiences to embrace their vitality and passion in later life.

Lisa also speaks on Education and the Future of Learning

To find out more or to inquire on dates and appearances please contact Lisa@LisaBL.com