Learn TikTok – The most fun and creative Social Media Platform around2020-10-19T19:17:27-07:00

I consider that how we show up on Social Media is often a metaphor for how we are showing up in life. ⁣

Now don’t get me wrong! If you choose to be private that’s totally cool! But do consider if something about that privacy is costing you in ways you’d prefer it didn’t. Perhaps it’s limited self-expression, leadership, social change, or visibility that could serve your business.⁣

I believe for us to change the world and challenge ourselves (especially if we hold a marginalized identity) we must take the risk to show up, take up space, speak up, tell our stories. ⁣ Social media give us a platform to make a difference AND in the process a chance to become our most expressed selves. We can use these powerful platforms as a place to practice. ⁣

TikTok (and increasingly IG Reels) is a game-changing dojo. ⁣

Because I'm passionate about amplifying women's voice so we can change so many of the outdated narratives that limit us, in addition to speaking coaching I've recently also been helping people learn the most fun and creative platform around.

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