Welcome to Create 2020 – Day 42020-01-14T13:22:07-07:00

Woo Hoo!  It's Day 4 of Create 2020!!!

This is the center point of the course. This is the part that is just so much fun.  This is where we envision and create our future selves and our future circumstances.  Where we envision what is going to be new in our lives.

First of all, Please save or download the Day 4 Worksheet and print it out if you like to work old-school.  I have made this a fillable pdf so you should be able to work online if you prefer.  As always use this tool in any way that serves you.

Day 4 Worksheet Creation 2020 Fillable NO COVER

And…if you want to jump into the remaining working sessions, even if it's just to say a fast hello. They will be in my ZOOM room at the following times:

Dec 23: 2pm PST
Dec 27: 9:30am PST

If you're not available those times, no problem.  Join us in the Facebook Group or feel free to do the work on your own if that's more your style.

Here we go on Day 4,