Welcome to the Final Day of Create 2020 – Day 52020-01-14T13:33:30-07:00

Thank you, thank you for taking part in the Creation 2020 Mini-course.  Whatever you did, however much you played along is perfect.

Over here, I love planning and envisioning so much, I have NOT wanted to close out this mini-course. I've been envisioning and imagining all of the possibilities for myself, for you and for the world in 2020 in all the ways and I haven't wanted to do the final day.

But we're coming up on January 15th and I decided that the way to put a comma on our planning time together is the invite you to make a big Impossible Goal for 2020…so THAT is the topic of our final Day #5.

Listen to Episode #101 of my podcast, give some thought to your Impossible Goal for 2020.

Then book a free 20-minute laser coaching session with me. This is NOT a sales call. It's a gift to you and an opportunity for me to refine a new model I'm working with which I've very excited about. I'm just doing these free sessions through January so Let's Do IT! 🙂

If the embedded link below doesn't work for you, you can listen here => lisabl.com/101 <=

Then get on my calendar here: => lisabl.com/coaching <=

Thank YOU so much for being my muse for doing this process in a new way from the first 20 years of it. I'm appreciating the constant growth and evolution.

Big Love.

And HERE is the complete Create 2020 Workbook.   If you didn't start yet, it's not too late.

Complete Workbook Day 1-5