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Super Power U's Episode #67 guest Greg Schwartz helps men develop empathy to experience connection and long-lasting love. As the founder of Make Online Dating Fun, Greg’s programs are practical solutions for today's online dating woes as well as a way to, in fact, make dating fun.

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More info?

Get the dates you want! VIP Online Dating deep dive


  • Debug your profile
  • Determine how to recognize the match you're really looking for
  • Upgrade your profile to attract that match!

Typically Greg holds workshops of 20-30 people. This is very different — it's a VIP deep dive, limited to 8 people. We will analyze your profile and your online dating, fix as many of those problems as we can, and (if you invest in the Platinum Ticket) shortly after the workshop we'll check-in on your results in a Private 1-on-1 Coaching Session.

Are you experiencing online dating fatigue? You are not alone. Even Consumer Reports is talking about how frustrated people are with online dating!

At Debug Dating, Greg believes that dating is a life skill. With a smart approach and some perseverance, people can find the relationship they’re looking for. If you’d like to master proven techniques to find that special person this is the workshop for you.


  • Profile evaluation: Remove photos and text hurting your match rate
  • Analyze inputs: the time and money you're spending on dating to get your current results
  • Goal setting: choose a target # dates/week, and we'll estimate time you'll need to put in
  • Prioritize what you want: Prioritize qualities of the person you want to attract
  • Build your list: Select aspects of your life that would be very attractive to your ideal person
  • Targeted photos: Replace “fairly attractive to everyone” photos with photos to strongly attract your ideal person
  • Targeted profile: Likewise, write a profile that's very attractive to your ideal person, instead of decently attractive to most people
  • Continue improving: a change of a Dating Strategy Session, where we'll figure out your best next steps

During Greg's work with tons of clients, he asked them what they find most frustrating about online dating.

Women are you:

  • Frustrated with low-quality matches?
  • Overwhelmed with poor messages?
  • Feel like a piece of meat, because men only message about your looks?
  • Dreading another date where there’s no chemistry?
  • Done with flakey behavior and ghosting?

Men are you:

  • Frustrated with matches that don’t excite you?
  • Confused why so few women respond to your messages?
  • Not sure when to ask her on a date?
  • Wonder why so many women keep talking instead of going on a date?
  • Tired of flakey behavior and ghosting?

Two April Options:

Monday, April 1st, 7pm-9pm

San Francisco at VIP Coaching Studio, 425 Market Street (9th Floor)


Monday, April 8th, 7pm-9pm

Palo Alto at VIP Coaching Studio