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Future of Education

We are at a critical and exciting juncture in time.  There's a confluence of technological advancement, overwhelming student debt and a Millenial generation that's poised and ready to reclaim agency.  Education can and will change whether we like it or not.  No one can know for sure exactly what it will look like but many of us disrupting education have some good guesses.

In the near future, learning at all levels (yes, even higher ed!) will be radically, irreversibly altered.  Our kids will work in careers that don't exist yet, they'll change careers often, and we'll all need to upgrade our skills and rebuild our knowledge at just-in-time lightening speed.  It's becoming abundantly clear it's time to rethink the assumptions fundamental to the education system.

Lisa is a passionate student and mentor in the field of disruptive education.  This talk examines where we've been, the trends impacting the future of education, and what parents can do to give kids the skills necessary to change the focus from “content” to “competence” and empower them with success tools for the future.  As well as:

-New Models for Learning

-Granularization of “classes” and “degrees”

-Autodidatism Empowered

-Facilitation not Teaching

-Increasing acceptance of alternative signaling systems (instead of the expensive degree)