SO excited to have you as a guest on the Super Power U Podcast!2019-04-04T10:48:52-07:00

Thank you, thank you!  The world needs our voices and our vision now.  I'm so appreciative of you for all you do and for being willing to be that person that shows up to inspire and generously share of yourself.

If you've already booked our interview at a time that works for you, GREAT!  It will be on my calendar, too and I can't wait.  If you haven't yet booked the time.  You can do it here:

If you haven't already checked out the show, it might useful to have a sense of my style; You can listen on iTunesStitcher or Google Play.  (Subscribing and reviewing are also really great ways to help us reach more people).

In advance of our interview, here is some info I hope will be helpful.

You should have been given the option to put our time 0n your calendar and you'll receive a reminder one hour in advance.  Here's how to prepare:

  1. Get a glass of water
  2. Turn off anything on your computer that makes noise
  3. Get your headset and/or microphone ready.  At bare minimum, an earbud headset with built-in microphone should be fine
  4. Follow the link to your unique Zencastr link.  It should look something like[your-name]

Other things to know:

-This is super friendly.  I'll be looking to highlight what makes you awesome.  I'd love if you could be fairly forthcoming in the moment.  If you say something you decide you'd prefer I cut, just tell me.  If you trip over your words or don't like how something comes out in the moment, just say, “let's try that again”, take a breath and start over.  I always edit.  🙂

-I will need at least one picture and I prefer to have more…one headshot and one alternative.  If you have a preferred bio, please send it to me.

-If there's some content piece you have to share that you're willing to offer to my listeners, please let me know as soon as possible so we can put it together in advance.

-If you have an affiliate program for any of your offerings, please let me know so we can set that up and I can promote your stuff.

If you have ANY questions, please just reach out.

I am SO excited to talk with you for the show!