How the HECK do I listen to your Podcasts!?!2018-02-09T01:41:22-07:00

Wow, Listening Just Got SO Easy

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Jumped the Shark?

Some people say that podcasts are too common now.  But you know what?  I'm amazed at how many people don't listen to podcasts yet.  And I know it's going to change.  Soon.

Recently my dad asked me for help getting his friends access to the Super Power U Podcast and here's what I told him:

Yes, sending to friends is a bit difficult.  Even my generation doesn't much listen to podcasts yet so you're ahead of your time.  I think I'll have to put together a video or something describing how to do it like THIS ONE made by Ira Glass and his 85-year old friend, Mary.

Prefer to listen on a phone?

  • iPhone users can download the app called “Podcasts”
  • Android users can download “Stitcher” or “Podcast Addict”

Once the app is downloaded just search “Super Power U” and my show will come up.  You can subscribe to it which means new episodes will be automatically added to the app.

Prefer to listen on the computer?

The easiest way is to visit:

And then just click the green arrow partway down the page.
A bit further down that page is a button that says “Email Me New Episodes”.  If friends give their email addresses there I'll send out a message describing the current episode, usually on Thursdays so they won't miss any.

Willing to leave a Review?

On the computer with iTunes follow this link:

That is the best place for me to get a review.  Once you're on that page, click on the button:




Then the “Ratings and Reviews” button which looks like this:




About 5 lines down it is the “Write a Review button” which looks like this and is under “Customer Reviews”




Writing a review helps me a LOT because iTunes allows more people to see the show if there is feedback.

And there's MORE!

You can also use Stitcher on the computer which is really easy.  The link is at:

I think Google Play will work for some; also on the computer:

Let me know if that's helpful so I can figure out how best to tell people how to listen.