Reconstructing Learning – The Future of Education

Education is seriously broken!  The system is failing on at least three counts: efficacy, cost and access.  Schools as rule don't work well because of the behaviorist top-down model they are historically borne from.  Schools simply can't individualize due to the numbers of students in the room.  Our current systems do not teach kids the complex application of knowledge or the solving of hard problems.  Standardized testing keeps institutions focused on lower level skills at the cost of higher order thinking skills.  Read more…

My Journey to Independent Learning

I've been passionate about changing education since just-about-forever.  I remember a burning desire, at 4 years old, to go to school thinking of all that I would learn and the follow-on disappointment when faced with the reality of kindergarten.  I kept waiting for the learning to begin.  Read more…

What Homeschoolers Know

1) If the cost of education gets too high people WILL opt out.
2) Those who do so are often extraordinarily committed to learning and willing to do crazy things to achieve it.
3) Institutions are not required for the pursuit of friends, mentors, teachers.   Read more…

Constuctivist Learning in Education


The 5 C's of Education