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This is still a work-in-progess but so it's available to my Power Up Podcaster Peeps even as I clean it up and add links:
General Marketing Takeaways
1) Know what are you selling, literally and emotionally (ie. Empowerment, ease)
2) Authenticity is key
3) “Small” is the new Big
4) Put a Call To Action at the bottom of every page
5) Attract the attention of event organizers by: letting them know you understand their audience, being attractive to their audience and wowing by being entertaining, inspiring and/or tactical?
6) Diversify from Facebook AND focus on one platform
7) Chat Bots will be the next big thing! (
And it's all about…
Video, Video, Video
-live and recorded
-in email
-on social media
-on websites
Podcast Specific
Sponsorship is not viable as a great source of revenue for most people.  The alternatives are:
1) Selling your own stuff (products, services, courses)
2) Selling other people's stuff (affiliates)
3) Indirect.  ie. using podcast to build influence, make connections and have the revenue come separately
Don't worry so much about numbers! 
-Think about what 100 people in room listening to you every week could mean. (small is the new big)
-cheap stuff works better than the expensive stuff
go on other people's shows and give them something actionable instead of trying to drive them to your product or site (they'll remember and search you out)
Podcasting Takeaways, Tips and Tricks
1) Cathy Heller suggested reaching out to Alumni groups of guests
2) Outsource production asap (one women who is 4 years in says she waited 3 years too long)
3) Get on as many shows as possible!!
4) Keep on going.  It takes at least a year to start to see traction.  Don't podfade.
Super Power U and Lisa Specific
1) Outsource tasks I don't like, am not great at and aren't the best use of my time
2) Leverage my skills (speaking, community building, relationship and outsource: editing and funnel-building asap)
a) Build Collaborations (in person and online)
b) Do More Speaking (to build reach, platform and market podcast)
     -one-page landing page or website for speaking offerings
     -Create two or three awesome talk titles that are different angles on the same signature talk…
     -heart-based talk title
     -have a simple video highlight reel  OR do a “Why Me” video
     -identify 10 niches and 25 events you want to be in front of (then reach out one week after their last event, show that you understand their needs and can address their issues)
Pat's Awesome Tip
Use groups like a giant real-life party:
-Add value and connect with admins.
-Ask multiple hosts from various groups a specific tip for a roundup group.
-From co-panelist John Lee Dumas's tactic: Go to FB group and search out highly active groups and join them as a member.  For 30 days go in every day and a) ask one piece of guidance b) give one support c) ask one question and d) answer a question.
For color palettes use
Faststory (convert audio to video and share) (record a new intro or call to action to use)
Day One
Plann (instagram planning and scheduling)
Record yourself, your screen, or both to deliver dynamic and compelling video messages. Email is great, but an email with a personalized video will help your message stand out in a crowded inbox.
Bonjouro (shoot a video when you get a subscriber)