Super Power U! The podcast launches on December 14!2017-11-27T23:14:25-07:00

We're getting so close to launching!  Please join our Super Power Tribe. 

We'll celebrate the release with you and send all pre-launch subscribers a special gift for planning 2018, Create 2018 the 20-page Workbook I've been developing over the past decade which is designed to help you imagine your best year ever.    


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Lisa Betts-LaCroix rants and raves with experts and everyday rockstars to unpack the skills and mindset you need to level up in work, relationships and life.  Super Power U is a deep dive into self-directed living and learning, metacognition; Productivity, GTD and Life Design, the future of education, changing aging, bio-hacking and longevity; and the speaking, leadership and communication skills needed to Win at Life.

 For years Lisa thought of herself as a hack with too many interests and just a touch of ADHD. But countless conversations with leading academics and far-sighted scientists, visionary innovators and savvy entrepreneurs, inspirational coaches and insightful relationship experts, creative authors, and other brilliant minds of our times, Lisa realized that her curiosity and diverse interests are her Super Powers.

What's yours?  You're closer to unlocking it than you think.