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Community, Compassion and My WHY


I am absolutely thrilled you are here! I believe that the positive transformation of this
requires you and me being absolutely, resolutely and stubbornly true to ourselves.  I'm passionately committed to all people, young and old reclaiming agency over their own learning and embracing that freedom for life.  honored to support you in your quest to share your wisdom & intelligence with the world. My intention is that as a result of this course, you become totally clear on what you stand for, find the freedom to share it, and have the knowledge of what to do with your ideas & insights so that you can become known for them.

What is the struggle, challenge, concern, stress or suffering that you seek to address and
create transformation around in the world? Who is experiencing it? What do they
experience or go through? Get into the actual lived experience of this concern, stress or

We live in a society that has taught us to believe that we can't trust ourselves.  This deeply held lack has us convinced that we need experts to guide us and we give our power over to them.  No where is this more true or more in need of change than in the act and practice and art of Learning.   We have allowed ourselves to believe that being educated requires paying a lot of money to the experts to design the curriculum, teach the content, test us, decide that the learning has been achieved and then hand us a piece of paper called a Degree.  It's problematic that a whole generation of young people are saddle with non-forgivable debt to the tune of 3 trillion dollars in the US alone, can't get jobs in their field, or at all and are often disillusioned when they realize they've been sold a false bill of goods.  But even more tragic is that we've convinced our young people that they can't trust themselves to joyful own, design and implement their own journey of learning. And in the meantime they've used some seriously vital years to follow someone else's plan for them.

I believe:

I believe that the Status Quo might just mislead us and our lives can be more fun, engaging and contributive if we live fully, passionately and authentically ourselves.

I believe that a women's power for iteration is in Celebrating and Iterating or Refining (thank you KC Baker)

I believe that we are all delicate, precious beings who want love more than anything else.

I believe the Millenial Generation will make powerful and positive changes to the world.

If you could share an idea, a piece of wisdom or a shift in perspective that would change the way they think about this situation, or the situation itself, for the better, what would that insight be? Imagine you say to them, “If I could offer you/the world just one shift in perspective that would change how you think about this situation, or the situation itself, it would be this”:

My essential contribution or Diamond Insight is this:

We live in a society that has taught us to believe that we can't trust ourselves and no where is this more true, or more in need of change, than in the act and practice and art of Learning.  I believe that there's a confluence of amazing circumstances happening right here and right now.  Technological advancement combined with the current young generations unwillingness to settle for the old ways is forcing radical transformation and disruption to the no-longer-relevant institutions.

I'm hear to say that you're already complete and wise and your own best expert.  I'm want to help you identify the tools, and by there way you already have everything you need, to be a meta-learner capable of learning anything you want and whatever you need to accomplish your goals.  My purpose is to help you realize that you can reclaim agency, avoid sinking huge sums of money into someone else's learning plan and use your curiosity and intelligence to be a life-long learner creating, doing and contributing in a way that is a personal reflection who you deeply, truly are.  So your education, and your life, can be completely of your own design.