Here are some of the tools for learning, productivity, health and relationship which I have tried and love and recommend. For More Resource Ideas for other resources that I don't personally highly recommend but which look very interesting, too.


Unschool Adventures with Blake Boles offers a month-long writing retreat. (NOTE: I have a young friend who just returned from this years retreat. She said it was life-changing in terms of the friends she made.)

Conserve School (Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin) inspires young people, primarily high school juniors, to environmental stewardship through academics and engagement with the forests, lakes, and wildlife of Lowenwood. Each Conserve School semester immerses students in environmental history, nature literature, and the science of conservation. Innovative hands-on courses capture students’ imaginations while making the most of Conserve School’s 1200-acre wilderness campus. The school’s strikingly beautiful Northwoods location sets the stage for an exceptional educational experience; at Conserve School, forests, lakes, and wildlife become students’ inspiration, their course materials, and their laboratory. At the same time, Conserve School’s program advances students’ skills in standard high school subjects.

En Famille; Immersive Language Exchange program

Summer Programs: SPARC is a how-to-be-awesome camp for extremely bright high school students, focussing on math, psychology, programming, statistics, and general personal effectiveness. CFAR (the parent organization, normally charges $4k for 4 days of training, but SPARC is free for high-school-aged students, so it's a great opportunity for any interested young people. SPARC has typically only admitted folks scoring in the top 50 in the US on mathematics competitions, but is now open to admitting a more diverse group, provided the applicants are sufficiently awesome.

PS. Please note that there are so many amazing opportunities for self-directed learners 18+ but that's another story. Look for an upcoming piece highlighting:

Watson University
The Millenial Train Project
The Thiel Fellowship