#122: Thriving on Change and Saying “Next” with Entrepreneur and Author Sunne Justice

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As a child, Sunne Justice grew up in a religious community where she learned unbridled devotion and selfless service. These values taught to her by her community was something she carried with her to adulthood.

Her deep beliefs about the presence of a higher being led her to support advocacies, businesses, and organizations that give towards environmental restoration and humanitarian works. This is why later in her career, Sunne decided to leave L’Oreal and to work for Burt’s Bees, a more environmentally-friendly company and eventually starting her own company, Love Daily Skin.

But behind these successes, Sunne also faced many changes in her personal life, such as going through a divorce four times. What made her get through these painful events was the advice a good friend gave her to embrace the pain.

In this episode, we learn more about Sunne’s journey to healing and how her spiritual beliefs guide her in her career and business.

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  • The concept of devotion and selfless service was ingrained in Sunne early on as a child who grew up in a religious community.
  • This early lesson of selflessness molded her to become the advocate that she is today, supporting individuals, businesses, and organizations that contribute towards environmental restoration and humanitarian works.
  • She believes that being reminded of the presence of a higher being also makes us more conscious about our environment, therefore making us more aware of the things we consume and buy.
  • This is why Sunne has several altars built around her everyday environment… even in her car!
  • Sunne talks about her experience of sharing her pain and the lessons she learned from a friend about embracing pain and letting it heal through love.
  • Sunne also talks about the four hated tasks of human beings and how she deals with the changes that happen in her life.


“I don’t want to be involved in business without spiritual fulfillment.”

“We have to support each other and support the earth. There are no more rehearsals.” 

“Pain and suffering is nothing except an emotion in your body that wants love. It wants to be held, and to be recognized.” (an advice from Sunne’s friend)

“When everybody else is like ‘well, I’ll think about doing that’… I just do it.” 

“Saying ‘yet’ let’s the universe know you’re open and game to everything.” 

Life Lessons

  1. Go within or go without – Doing an inward journey before doing an outward journey.
  2. Make it simple – You don’t need to complicate your life.
  3. Be enthusiastic about what’s next

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