#126: Explorations in Unconventional Learning with Amir Nathoo

Parents today are in a unique position navigating online learning or “distance learning” as the standard for at least the coming fall semester due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

Amir Nathoo is the CEO of Outschool, an online learning platform for kids ages 3 to 18 years old which provides online classes on all topics through which learners can explore unique interests, learning in small groups. Amir’s passion for education and innovation started as a kid, growing up with parents who were teachers and who encouraged him to explore, making learning fun. 

In this episode, Amir talks about the current situation of our education system, the importance and role of educational technologies during this pandemic, what we can do to continue our education, and as parents, how we can help our children adapt to new learning setups.

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  • Having parents who were also teachers, Amir naturally grew a love for learning and exploration. His father in particular greatly influenced his love for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • All of these factors combined – his love for education, innovation, and entrepreneurship – led him to start the online learning platform, Outschool, today.
  • Amir shares his thoughts on mass school closures and the crucial role edtech plays during this pandemic.
  • Amir believes that our role as parents and/or as educators are to inspire kids to love learning, give them the opportunity to see their own path, and to make learning fun, which is what his platform, Outschool, is designed for.
  • Amir also talks about the challenges he’s encountered in starting an edtech company, and the lessons he learned through the process.
  • Amir also shares his beliefs about company and organizational culture, his commitment to being a values and purpose-driven company and the values the Outschool team has at its center. 


“Some of the most important learning experiences for me happened outside of school, like learning how to program, to network, and to negotiate.” (Amir)

“If there’s a silver lining to all of this, then I think it’s the fact that some families are realizing that being more involved and closer to their kids’ learning can really be amazing in terms of giving them a connection to their kids that’s far deeper than before, and also the opportunity to try different approaches.” (Amir)

“Sometimes large-scale changes need a catalyst.” (Amir)

“Families are going to have to embrace all kinds of approaches to education.” (Amir)

“K12 education is not going to look anything like before. Out of necessity, institutions and families and teachers are going to have to engage in a lot of innovation and exploration.” (Amir)

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