#127: Claiming Witch, Bitch and Whore with The Whoracle Amy Lorbati

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Amy Lorbati is the founder of Witch, Bitch, Whore, a movement dedicated to empowering females, encouraging sisterhood, and helping society realize that the word is better off when females can unleash their maximum power. She joins the show this week for a conversation surrounding the emotional damage behind the words Witch, Bitch, and Whore, and how we can reclaim them in a way that instead shines the light on a woman’s primal gifts and power.

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  • Amy’s mother conditioned her for intellectual excellence and never put a cap on her believing what she could do with her power and abilities. 
  • Amy worked her way up in the very male dominated entertainment industry in Hollywood. She rose up from the lowest rung in her position to an Executive role, where she learned firsthand what it felt like to be a leader and boss. 
  • The Witch, Bitch, and Whore movement is geared to reclaim the power of these words and celebrate sisterhood and connections between women. Typically, these words are used to shame, silence, and control women. 
  • It is common for women to feel like their “bitch bomb” explodes when they have been shutting down their emotions and all of a sudden the anger and rage they suppressed comes out in one explosive force. 
  • Amy encourages the women in her groups to connect with the gifts and abilities that go with the archetype of Witch, Bitch, and Whore. For Witch, it’s trusting your intuition rather than feeling crazy or scared of your creative power. The Bitch part is the container for the courage to be authentic and vulnerable, and unleashing your fierce, feminine power without apology. The Whore is a woman who celebrates her sexual power rather than shrinking from it or hiding it. 
  • The Crone archetype has long represented death and a non-sexual, expired woman. Instead, there can be a reconditioning of viewing aging as gaining more wisdom, confidence, and power.


 “Witches eat fear for breakfast, bitches eat anger and rage, and whores eat shame all day.” (Amy)

“There is a power and a wisdom that comes from walking a certain number of years on this Earth.” (Amy)

“I call myself a whore on purpose, and I’m not just a whore, I’m a legendary whore.” (Amy)

“Witch, Bitch, Whore is not about bashing the patriarchy; it’s about waking up the matriarchy.” (Amy)

“I believe that our connection with our sexuality is connected to the raw creative power of the universe.” (Amy)


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