#125: Bringing People Together with Filmmaker Michael Morgenstern

Today’s world is chaotic and confusing. There’s a racial uprising, a pandemic, conspiracy theories, and fake news. We may find ourselves distraught and often doubting our previously held beliefs – can they really be this malleable?

Film Director Michael Morgenstern shares his perspective on how media and art can greatly influence our reality, truth, and beliefs. He also talks about the power of filmmaking, making a difference, and his latest interactive storytelling project, This is Definitely Real.

Learn more about it here: https://definitelyreal.com/.

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  • As a young child, Michael was strongly encouraged to become “successful”, which, to his parents at least, meant to be rich, famous, and all other forms of outward success. But Michael found this definition to be shallow and so created his own definition of success.
  • When you’re able to make the world a better place, that’s when you’re successful. This is Michael’s new definition of success.
  • Michael and I talk about the generational differences, definitions of success, and life goals, believing that today’s generation (i.e. millennials) have a very different way of life, mindset, and priorities compared to older generations.
  • We also talked about controversial topics such as Plandemic and QAnon, and how this ties into the power of media and art in influencing the minds, beliefs, and truths of people.
  • Michael talks about the malleability of our beliefs and why we should not believe every single thing that we read about, watch, or hear, especially during these very turbulent times.

Life Lessons:

  1. Relationships are the most important thing – and this pandemic has made it even more apparent.
  2. Making a difference requires you to spend your life force
  3. Podcasts are fun!


“Be careful when someone is trying to tie a whole bunch of pieces together to tell us a story — because the world is never that simple.” (Michael, his insights on “Plandemic”)

“When the people at the top don’t engender confidence, that’s a huge opening for conspiracy theories and second-guessing.” (Michael)

“If a story is trying to get you to do something too hard, it loses the things that are powerful about it.” (Michael)

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