#129: Creating Meaning Through Art with Frederick Marx

Frederick Marx is an internationally acclaimed Oscar and Emmy nominated director/writer and producer with 40 years in the film business. Frederick joins Lisa to share his story of discovering the need for more responsibility and maturity within the men of our society, and how his films have been a way to support the disadvantaged and misunderstood communities. Frederick discusses the Rites of Passage necessary to help humans transition around the phases of life, and why we need to focus on this model more than ever in our current climate. He also discusses The Mankind Project, a mission dedicated to providing mentorship, service, and sovereignty to both the mentors and future leaders of tomorrow. 


  •  Frederick’s father passing away when he was just 9 planted a seed for him to step up as the man of the house and embrace the integrity and responsibility that comes with leadership. 
  • His interest and devotion to living in his own truth, passion, and mature masculinity deeply informs his films. 
  • Frederick started The Mankind Project around his 40th birthday and it led him to study the Rites of Passage of what is required to help humans transition throughout the faces of their life. The three phases he discusses are: 
  1. Separation
  2. Ordeal 
  3. Homecoming 
  • We are in a Rite of Passage within our own planet and societal fractures, so it’s necessary for us to stay disciplined, accountable, and in a mindset of sharing and abundance rather than scarcity. 
  • We have to deal with the reality of racism and stand in emotional turmoil so we can really get to the root of moving forward. 
  • Mentorship is the historical fabric of our society that can help us rebuild a meaningful community. 


  •  “There is no greater pressing need in the entirety of our world right now then men stepping into mature masculinity.” – Frederick  
  • “Most men want to hold their heads high and know their words mean something.” – Frederick 
  • “We all rise together, or we are going to all die together.” – Frederick 
  • “Ask yourself, who is mentoring me, and who am I mentoring?” -Frederick 
  • “All of us have to have the humility that we can be taught by someone who can help us through these difficult passages.” – Frederick  



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