#124: Boldness and Pussy Power with Biz Coach Julia Wells

Julia Wells believes that the more pleasure we have in our life, the more profit we can make. She grew up in a household where ‘sex’ and sexuality weren’t taboo topics, and so when she decided to start a career as a pussy-based business coach, her family encouraged her to pursue it.  And if the word “pussy” triggers you, you're not alone.  Julia talks about all the reasons it's a process to reclaim our power and our pleasure for entrepreneurship and life. 

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  • Julia’s grandmother has a big influence on the career path that she chose today as a pussy-based business coach.
  • Julia believes that women should run their businesses differently from men due to women’s cyclical nature.
  • The word “pussy” has been considered as a shameful, and even vulgar, word to some and Julia believes that we must change our conversation around pussy and that women should embrace and celebrate their bodies more.
  • We also talk about how getting more pleasure in your life can help you become a more empowered leader and a more profitable entrepreneur.
  • Julia shares how a pleasure-based lifestyle can contribute to the bigger scheme of things such as in feminism, racism, and various socio-economic issues that we are facing today.

Life Lessons:

  1. Pleasure can be non-sexual – Pleasure, as defined by Julia, is something that engages any of your five senses such as lighting a scented candle or stroking your skin.
  2. Make things easy and pleasurable
  3. Journal to rewire your brain using The Sandwich Technique
    1. Celebrate/Brag
    2. ID all the ways you're brain protests
    3. Reframe the negative beliefs


“As women, we have to run our businesses so differently than men. We’re cyclical by nature, we operate differently and built for receiving versus pushing, hunting and driving.” (Julia)

“I love freedom, but I also realized that with containers, we get to have more freedom and receive more, be more authentic and present.” (Julia on being systematic in pleasure-pursuit)

“When a woman taps into her sexuality and pleasure, it just naturally ripples into other places.” (Julia)

“Feminism won’t work if it’s just a bunch of white women trying to fix feminism because then you’re leaving out black, queer – all these different identities that are already so disenfranchised comparatively.” (Julia)

“For the longest time, feminism has been like ‘do it like men so that we can beat men’. But the reality is that we have to do it like women so that we can co-exist with men, so that everyone can show their individual powers.” (Julia)


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