#131: Celebrating the Spiritual G Spot with “Too-Much Woman” Gina Hatzis


Gina Hatzis dreams of a world filled with people living on purpose, shining in their full glory, and occasionally busting a dance move now and then. As a women’s empowerment advocate and speaker, she makes it her full-time job to live a fully expressed life, and guides others to do the same. Gina talks with Lisa this week about the success that comes when you follow your truth even if it’s scary, how she makes time for true self-care, and why women feeling fulfilled is at the heart of world healing. 


  •  Gina is a women’s empowerment advocate and expresses that in many ways through speaking, coaching, and living in her fullest self to give others the permission to do so. 
  • Gina grew up being told she was “too much”, and did the dance between feeling okay living out loud and retracting for the sake of self acceptance. Her work show allows for others to tune into where they might dim their own personality, and work to feel safe and secure in their own body, mind, and intuition. 
  • Not only does society want women to stick within the lines of convention, but women place the burdens on themselves many times just with the stories they tell themselves. 
  • Empowerment starts with the reformation of the language, so women can start to reclaim their power. 
  • Gina and Lisa both have hope for the future that we will tune in to our own intuition and know what’s right for us instead of always giving the power to someone else. 
  • It is a healthy practice to set aside even just a couple minutes a day to tune into your feelings and emotions. When you sit with them and feel them fully, you can move through them with more grace and ease than trying to stuff them down or distract them. 
  • It’s not a surprise that women often have a mindset based on scarcity, but Gina is hopeful that more women will feel better about themselves and in turn, allow more unification in sisterhood in general. 


Three Life Lessons: 

    • Shame is a liar and what keeps us small. 
    • Everything is worth the risk. 
    • Make yourself the priority. 



  • “More and more, bit by bit, I step more into who I am.” 
  • “Speaking the truth is the hardest thing to do.” 
  • “The most important thing that I can do, and we all can do, is dig into ourselves.” 
  • “I will not live my life unexpressed. I won’t do it.” 
  • “The most powerful life-shifting moves that I make are never intentional. They happen when I come back to my Self”.



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