#132: [SOLO] What I Learned from 2020

This episode was recorded LIVE to Tiktok. Thanks to my friends on that platform who gave me the rich listening environment that I often miss in the podcast world. If you'd like to give me some feedback or some insights or ideas for next year's show please connect with me on my socials.
Things I've learned from 2020
ADHD is common. So many of us experience the symptoms and many women (especially) are undiagnosed. Here's the Tiktok that went kind of viral on Tiktok and on Twitter. This little video went out to over 2 million people and encouraged me to give more insight into living as an adult with ADHD whether diagnosed or not.
We all need so much encouragement and struggle in the tension between wanting to be seen, and known and heard…and also being terrified of it.
The younger generation are our teachers and are on the vanguard of change and much more connected to the future than those of us who are older. They are wise and so much more informed about the world than I ever was at there age. Bi-direction and multi-generational teaching, learning and mentorship is necessary for Artful Aging.
I recommend the 19-year-old podcaster Emma Chamberlain and her show “Anything Goes” which illustrates how wise and informed Gen Z kids are. It's inspiring and encouraging.
After we consider all the existential crises brought to us by Covid and Corona-times it because clear that really nothing matters much compared with connection, community, and love. Tiktok has been a portal for me and for so many others…a way to reach and connect with others in a time when regular means of connection has been more difficult.
A good way to determine where to spend my time and energy is to ask “Am I learning something? Am I learning? Am I having fun or in pleasure?” If none are true, it's probably a sign to do something else in the moment or in the larger.
One of our human experiences is walking the fine line and dancing between the story of “Too-Much” / “Not Enough”. This topic was also in the conversation with Gina Hatzis last week on Episode # 131.
In the midst of reorganizing money and power, the time is now for all people with any marginalized identity to show up and speak up. Nothing that needs to change can change if we don't take up space and share our stories and our messages. The structures of oppression need to be changed and change is contingent on all of us showing up and speaking up. I believe that every person has something to contribute to the betterment of the world but we need to push up against the larger cultural circumstances and the inner beliefs which limit us. I talked about this in Episode # Let's Get Loud.
We need to surround ourselves with communities and people who are supporters…people who hold us in high esteem and who are with us in fertile Beingness. And the flip side of the same coin is supporting others because giving and receiving are flip sides of the same coin. And we can be explicit and intentional about the giving of support to another. To have it be known that “I am here to hold you up”.
All of the things that need changing and which are changing can be little by little. Every little contribution we make, changes the world. And the more we honor the impact of the small step, the more the cycle builds.
Shame is one of the most insidious ways we erode our power from the inside and from the outside…which could also be called judgement.
I have claimed a new moniker which was given to me by the biz partner and course co-creator Jacki Rigoni; I love the name “Visibility and Speaking Specialist” so I'm trying that on because I see that everything I does comes down to raising my own voice and supporting the voices of others in order to change the world; That happens on Tiktok, on the podcast, in my speaking coaching.
I have also become incredibly clear how much I adore speaking coaching. I know I can't do it on an individual level ongoingly…but as long as I can spend the time with people one-on-one I'm loving it! It's also become completely clear that the speaking coaching approach is not about the techniques but that speaking in a way that is connected and embodies is a reclamation of the Self.
The Feminine and the Masculine healing in and between us needs a lot of healing and in addition to the work women are doing, we need to heal men and to heal and integrate the masculine in us.
My friend Guy Chung asks the question, “What does it mean to be a man and to be masculinity in our culture”…this is such an important question to explore.
When women show up for each other as in the Woman Undone experience is incredibly healing and the opportunities that show up in Community is like no other. Information is at WomanU.com and if you or a woman you know is looking for connection and community.

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