#130: Seeing the Purest Form of People with Crystal Langen

Crystal Langen is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and a women’s business coach.  She specializes in pleasure-based businesses based on the pillars of: pleasure + strategy + messy action + embodied mindset.  Crystal joins Lisa again to talk about how her own childhood and now motherhood have shaped her approach in both personal and business matters.  They discuss reclaiming beauty and celebrating the beauty and diversity in women.  Crystal shares how she practices self-care and the important role laughter plays in her life.


  • Crystal’s parents were just 15 and 16 years old when she was born, so she was also essentially raised by both neighboring grandparents as well. Her grandmothers’ respective personalities and familial styles are an integral part of the person Crystal is today.
  • The birth of Crystal’s daughter inspired a responsibility in her to reclaim and celebrate the inherent beauty in every woman.
  • Lisa and Crystal discuss how women are marginalized in beauty within our culture based on age, race, size and more and how it stifles that stifles those voices.
  • The second wave of feminism dismissed the idea that our bodies matter, but Crystal and Lisa believe in beauty reclamation. Beauty reclamation means rejecting the notion that there is one single standard and embraces diversity.
  • Competition and comparison dates back to a historically patriarchal society and a feeling that we need physical beauty to have security. But we can celebrate ourselves and celebrate other women at the same time.
  • Crystal’s self-care includes 1-2 hours of indulging in her pleasure before diving into work.
  • Though the “masculine” energy of Crystal’s experience in Corporate America was very different, it parallels the work she does now.
  • FUN is a huge part of who Crystal is and how she practices self-care. Laughter is a way she reboots her nervous system and comedy is a way she maps some of her coaching.

Three Life Lessons:

  • You’re always right and you’ll always know what’s best for you.
  • All self-care is giving yourself the time and space to connect to your inner-knowing.
  • Your intuition, gut, and pussy want to keep you alive.


  • “I’m thinking about chocolate first, a lot! Which is also the way I do business; which is pleasure first.” – Crystal
  • “The world as we’re living in it now puts a lot of pressure on women and beauty. And there is a lot coming at us every day.” – Crystal
  • “I’ve been evolving my exploration of what it means to age in our culture which is an area of life and an experience that many people have where we’re marginalized in the realm of beauty.” – Lisa
  • “We can, as an act of power and autonomy and agency, reclaim not just our beauty but the notion of beauty and all that comes with it.” – Lisa
  • “Let’s reclaim beauty instead of throwing it out as something dirty and shameful and superficial. There are so many more deep, deep layers of beauty.” – Lisa
  • “We can hold celebration for ourselves and we can hold celebration for the woman standing next to us at the same time.” – Crystal




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