#64: Freedom of Self-Expression with History Podcaster Noah Tetzner

Noah Tetzner is all about the freedom to learn without judgment, dreaming big, and making history fun. This super inspirational and eloquent 17-year-old young man is the host of the very popular History of Vikings Podcast and the new Stories of the Second World War podcast. He is a model and advocate for independent learners and talks with Lisa about his passion for discovering opportunities to explore his creative potential. Noah also shares some of his secrets to massive success in podcasting, why he chose to do a podcast specifically on the Viking Age, and what we can expect next.

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  • Noah is a 17-year-old independent learner, and advocate of self-expression and freedom in learning.
  • Noah has always loved history and has a deep passion for relating how things were in the past to how they are today. One of his favorite subjects to learn about from his hometown in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • Noah’s two podcasts: History of Vikings and Stories of the Second World War.
  • What “radical unschooling” and homeschooling means, and why it may be a fit for children’s innate desire to learn best in alignment with their unique identity.
  • Why the medium of podcasting is perfect for independent learning and bolstering creativity, resourcefulness, and inspiration in the youth.
  • The incredible success Noah has had with his podcast, and key tactics he learned to garner such great numbers and feedback.
  • Noah’s love of conversation bringing a conversation with world-class scholars in a digestive and inclusive way to people of all ages and educational backgrounds.
  • How Noah saw a need for his unique voice in the history podcast realm and a few examples of guests in his recent episodes.


“History is my life. And now I get to share that passion with the world for the first time.”

“History is the process of how we got where we are today and I find that incredibly fascinating.”

“I knew it (the podcast) would be successful. I wouldn’t allow myself to operate if it was not.”

“Passion is definitely courageous.”

“I’ve never put limiting ideas on myself. Why not you?”


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