Episode #7: Tiago Forte – Creative Productivity

Productivity doesn't always come naturally. Tiago Forte was a dreamer as a child, so he's a great example of Growth Mindset in action since he now runs a company, Forte Labs which specializes in helping people create transformative productivity systems.  In this episode, Tiago and I talk about how he thinks about and teaches design-driven problem-solving, habit formation and productivity…and how he was deeply influenced by his artist father growing up, inheriting from him him the ability to converge creativity and structured productivity.

We didn't get to it in our conversation but if you appreciate Tiago's perspective, I also recommend listening to Srini Roa's “Unmistakable Creative” Podcast featuring Tiago.  In it, Tiago describes an in-depth approach to note-taking which I found very useful


00:20 Welcome and Intro to Tiago.

2:11 History. Quantified Self Silicon Valley at Evernote and Tiago's talk.  Follow-up guest appearance on David Allan's show, In Conversation.

3:56 Forte Labs and what Tiago does. His Super Power and being a dreamer as a child.  

7:15 Where work is going and why we need to be creative.  How Tiago's dad was an inspiration.

8:56 Tiago's Building a Second Brain system.

11:11 The distinction between Actionable and Non-Actionable and why it's important. Doing what works.  

13:51 Our biggest productivity challenge, the paradigm shift which is most important.  Creativity as a productivity perspective.  Being a designer of our own work.  What the course focus on. 

16:36 Productivity recommendation. Creativity vs consumption.  Tiago's dad's influence.  Structure as a framework for creativity. Limiting self-perceptions.  Coaching and content development. 

26:06 More about Tiago's programs. The structure of the learning. Capture, Organize, Share.  Design Sprints and Hackathons.  Who the course is for.  Reaching more people, addressing diversity.  The benefits. Bridging domains. 

36:29 Connecting with Tiago. 



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