Episode #1: Christine Marie Mason

My conversation with Christine Marie Mason was wide-ranging and deep… just like her. We talked about parenting, being a polymath, restorative justice in the prison system and the fact that everything is connected… in fact, indivisible– which, not coincidentally, is also the title of her book. Christine’s life and the philosophical gems she offers an inspiring example for anyone who wants to live fully and authentically without compromise. She’s a model of connection, family and having a huge impact in the world.

Check out these highlights:

  • 02:43: Christine's approach to parenting and how it keeps her young and curious
  • 05:25: The importance of the village for people who want to make a big difference
  • 06:37: Face-to-face connection in a technological world. How corporate structures inspired Christine to become an entrepreneur
  • 09:29: Discovering yoga and how it created a necessary personal foundation.
  • 12:35: The need for valuing parenting as a basis for change and connection in the world
  • 14:15: The pain and sadness of some of the misogyny we can see in politics and in the world–which is slowly and surely changing.
  • 15:18: Christine’s personal life experience which led her to the deeper understanding of connection and ultimately to the beliefs underlying her book, Indivisible (see links below)
  • 20:11: Christine's work in the prison system. Bringing yoga to inmates
  • 26:39: What guides Christine’s business decisions
  • 28:18: Christine’s entrepreneurial history
  • 29:08: What's now? What's next?
  • 35:27: Christine’s Super Powers: The gift of fast processing speed, self-care practices, meditation, and yoga.  The feminine inclination towards convergence as an antidote to the false sense of separation. Personal growth as a recent idea. Growth mindset.  Resilience. Inquiry.
  • 40:53 Diversity attitude as one of amazement and wonder
  • 42:1: How to follow Christine (see links below)

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