#104: Contributing to the Happiness of Others with Minerva Student Shiao-li Green

Shiao-li Green is a fourth-year student at Minerva School at KGI, a university program headquartered in San Francisco. Minerva offers both a four-year undergraduate program as well as a master’s in science graduate degree. Shiao-li explains why Minerva School is unlike any other traditional colleges, and talks more about the structure that includes learning, travel, and many functions of learning and communicating between classmates and professors. She shares a few favorite experiences from the travels she has done through her education at Minerva, and how she is using her experience and privilege in the world to bring awareness to others. 

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Show Highlights:

  • Shiao-li is originally from China and was adopted when she was one and a half years old. She grew up on the British Channel Islands in Jersey, known for both it’s agricultural offerings and finance. 
  • While at boarding school, Shiao-li immersed herself in French and the French Alps culture. 
  • Minerva is radically different than other schools, by rethinking higher education, preparing students for the uncertainty of the future workforce, and using travel as a way to adopt skills of adaptability and a broad perspective. 
  • Shiao-li’s class at Minerva was the second graduating class and was a tight-knit community made up of 150 students. They live together and travel as a cohort, but the professors live all around the world and communicate remotely from their location. 
  • Minerva provides small group discussions, a high engagement rate between students and teachers, and the ability to learn more about locations by being immersed in them for a few months each year. 
  • Through the course of their four years at Minerva, students reside in San Francisco, Seoul, Hyderabad, Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, and Tai Pei 
  • Minerva tends to be less expensive than traditional and Ivy League schools, and they also have a high rate of providing financial aid and work/study opportunities. 
  • Shiao-li has taken a personal interest in education technology and Minerva provides involved platforms that foster learning mixed with creating actual change and tangible results. 


“I am so glad to be able to experience cultures and engage with the community, as well as the Minerva community as well.” 

“[Minerva is] a tight-knit community and a breath of fresh air after the high school environment.” 

“You will always find someone who is interested in doing something similar to you.” 

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