#112: Curiosity and Storytelling with Beth Blecherman

Beth Blecherman is the Marketing Manager and Founder of Techmamas, a community that curates conversations that integrate parenthood with business and technology.

Beth shares advice on parenting and career for mothers who want to follow a similar path and return to work or entrepreneurship. She and Lisa also talk about both the fun and overwhelming parts of digital and online marketing, the expectations for women to “manage it all”, and what she sees changing in the work and family culture in the future.

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  • Beth’s mom gave her a great example of what it looks like to be attentive and present hard working mom.
  • Even now in 2019, young career oriented women are still dealing with how they are going to manage it all and will remain the same until there’s more encouragement of men’s involvement.
  • TechMamas is an integration of the technology world and parenthood. Beth started it as a resource for others, based on her own experience of being both career and family oriented. She reached a high point in her career and would possibly do things differently now in the way she ramped off and on back after maternity leave.
  • Beth’s advice for tackling parenthood when you may want to return to your job or even just to stay relevant in the industry: Be informed on the company’s plan for how to go off and come back on for maternity and family leave. Network with mentors that have your best interest in mind, continue to educate yourself and be active in professional groups, stay super active and develop “hooks” to show your value.
  • Organizations may even be open to transitioning new parents into different jobs within the company that have less travel or more flexible free time. Knowledge is power, and you never know unless you ask.
  • Beth stayed relevant by continuing her blog and kept active building her online brand.
  • Marketing tip: when updating your new professional headshot, change the photo to be the same on all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.
  • The younger and older generations can each learn from each other. Be open to the gifts that others may present to you, no matter how old or young.
  • Be the host, and take responsibility for welcoming people and creating an environment that is productive and inclusive.


Life Lessons:

  1. If you are going to take time off as a parent it’s wonderful, but use that time to keep developing yourself professionally.
  2. Create your online brand and control your online messaging.
  3. Be brave.
  4. Relish in the fact that you will find your tribe when you stay open and curious.



  • “Society is not set up for working moms.”
  • “Everyone needs an online brand these days.”
  • “Comfort level, skills, and passion. When those three match – you go forward.”


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