#115: Shame, Fear, Love and Compassion

Today's show is about Shame and the limiting role it plays in our culture and in our relationships.  Lisa and guests talk about the personal impact that Shame has, and how it can be used to
I started out thinking that today's show was about Shame because it's been a week with that topic in mind.  I've been thinking a lot recently about the next stage we seem to be entering now that we are in the second month of Shelter in Place rulings, while at the same time some states are lifting the restrictions and many people are protesting the bans.  As is so often the case, when human being feel afraid they get reactive and they fight or flee.
Last week, I asked my friends what topics they thought I should create content around and in response, Sunne Justice suggested that I write about the most Shameful think I've ever done, which lead to me changing my life forever.  The woman doesn't pull any punches.
This episode features our panel discussion.
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