Episode #14: Pattern Matching with Christine Peterson

Christine Peterson and I talked about SO many different things.  I shouldn't be surprised since we're both such generalists with wide-ranging interests.  We covered her experience at MIT, her inclination towards making a difference in the world, space colonization and space tourism, nanotechnology and the longevity movement. If that's not enough, we identified the power in learning to give talks and how to start, work-life balance, Christine's secret to improved sleep and her unusual approach to finding a life partner.  Wow!
Join us to discover:
  • How Christine's uses her Super Power and her framework for creating change in the world
  • The 2 most powerful things you can to leverage your career in the early stages or at pivot point
  • Why Balance is important and demanding a living wage is critical
  • Christine's favorite Quantified Self sleep tool
  • How to access Christine's Ebook on Finding a Life Partner

Christine's 7-Step Guide to

Finding YOUR Life Partner Using Science and Technology

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