Episode #18: Authentic Exploration with KC Baker

Thought Leader.  Speaker.  Wise Woman.  Transformer of Women's voices.  Entrepreneur.  Dancer.  Mama.

KC shares the profound story of her awakening to her calling, and the defining moment when the quest to liberate her own voice became about something much bigger…the liberation of every woman's voice on this planet.  She shares tactical skills including a simple and powerful technique for use with nerves, a process for finding your Diamond Insight– the message that is unique to you and that the world needs to hear, and how to get speaking opportunities. KC and Lisa talk about healing attachment wounds, parenting, self-care and balance, and the importance in KC's life of creativity.  It's a richly, beautiful conversation.


“I still feel self-doubt and I still feel fear and I still feel angst about these new levels of bringing my work in my own voice out into the world. But when I connect to the commitment to that which is greater than myself and that I have a responsibility to do this not just for myself but for others, there's a strength and a freedom to act in that that I have found to be more powerful than anything I know.”

“There is a deeper part of you that is able to communicate from your essence. Not from the fear or from some kind of performance that you put on top of the fear but from your actual authentic essence.  To deliver that truth, to speak that idea, or to have that conversation is very powerful.”

“Your Diamond Insight is the idea or the shift in perspective that is at the core of your message. It's the great gift of your work in the world. Finding that clarity is priceless.”

“I have to feed my creative passions every day. It's a matter of, honestly, my survival. If I don't I consider that to be a dead life. And I want to be alive. I'm very aware of the preciousness of the time that I have in my life. I've been gifted with a very rich exploration with death in my life and I'm not kidding myself. I know there is no guarantee and what makes me really happy is being alive in my body and expressing.”


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