Episode #19: Empathic Mothering with Sil Reynolds

Parent.  Psychotherapist.  Author.  Mother-Daughter Expert. Empath.
Parenting. The most essentially, vitally important role there is. Navigating the connection with our kids is hard because loving deeply and being loved are joyful and emotionally grounding…but also stifling and annoying…which is the essential challenge of the mother-daughter relationship. But we shouldn't be fooled; our kids want and need us to stay connected.  Sil Reynolds is a Mothering-Daughtering expert and this conversation reveals the essential strategies for staying connected in a digital world.
“I'm interested in helping mothers find that connection again and again.  And have their daughters get used to that!  Especially in a time when so much so-called connection is happening with our digital devices.”  
“Our kids are in over their heads and we're in over our heads.  We need to be aware and set limits so that they can learn about what real connection is.  When there's more and more real connection, that becomes the gold standard.  It's the great human hunger and when that's fed human beings thrive!”  -Sil Reynolds
Sil's definition of Mothering is: “Raising your daughter to become herself.”

Eliza's definition of Daughtering is: “Being active in your relationship with your mom so that she knows the real you”.

What You'll Learn:

  • How the word “Daughtering” came to be
  • What Conventional Wisdom says about relating to kids and why it's wrong
  • Why we should reject the idea of Helicopter Moms and be Helicopter Pads instead
  • The surprising truth about our daughters desire for connection with us
  • A simple tool for connection with our kids
  • The Importance of voice contact as measured by mirror neurons
  • Inspiration for supporting the Emotional Fluency of our Daughters
  • How to Practicing Empathy
  • The Powerful skill of Mirroring


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