Episode #2: Susan Washington

This is a meta-episode.  In the planning stages of the podcast, I discovered that in spite of inviting women guests three times as often as male guests there were still twice as many men agreeing to be interviewed.  My mastermind group speculated on why that might be the case and then I asked Susan to explore the topic with me, with a view on the obstacles and solutions to amplifying women's voices.    


1:43:  The challenge of featuring women’s voices and speculating that it’s due to individual and systemic societal obstacles

2:32:  Noting that men's voices are often more fully represented than our women's

2:51: #meetoo as validation of common experience, we have the data.

3:34: Naming obstacles like women having less time.  

4:32: Is confidence a factor?  Susan asserts that confidence comes from the opportunity to be out front. 5:12: Do women feel at risk or fearful of making themselves a target?  Susan points out that new experiences are uncomfortable for everyone and that since men have more leadership opportunities it’s going to be less new and therefore less uncomfortable for them.

6:47: The World Economic Forum statistics indicate that the gap has reversed; At the current rate it will take 83 years to close it.

7:39:  Is all of this talk divisiveness and threatening to men?  Divisiveness is already happening whether we name it or not; in order to change we have to be honest. We need allies. Susan talks about privilege and staying open to the experience of others in order to positively impact the world…and why it’s important that the world be fair for everyone.

11:00:  The importance of nurturing confidence and empowerment early. Organizations which are helping like Sole Girls, I Am That Girl and ASSET Education (See resource links).  

12:05:  Everyone’s contributions and Super Powers are needed.  We do need to keep looking to remove obstacles for women to be able to step into more leadership.  

13:15: Cheerleading and support for other women.

18:00: Applying self awareness and self-care practices as a foundational practice

18:35: Tactical skills and critical thinking are needed in addition to purpose, passion and encouragement.

20:49: The benefits and importance of saying “no”.

22:47: Staying rationally hopeful and making sure we “don’t grow weary”

24:58: How self-doubt almost had me sabotaged my own voice.  A meta-example of this whole topic as it relates to launching the podcast and the follow-on conversation Susan and I had about the importance of cultivating a mindset that says “this is a beginning; it's enough and I'm going to go forward, bravely” and how we need to strengthen the mental model that have us agree to things even when we're uncomfortable and say yes anyway.

28:06: Next week’s guest, Marli Williams and I will talk about “Saying Yes!”

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