Episode #4: Year Planning – Part 1


Coming up on the end of the year and this show is an introduction to the Year Planning process I've used for the past 19 years.  


00:22: Intro.  Old School New Year's Resolutions vs Lisa's Year Planning process. 
01:28: Jan 1st as arbitrary; the history behind it and the winter as an unlikely time for creating the New.
02:23: Any fresh start is the right time to plan.
03:14: Make it your own.  Why sometimes not planning is ok. 
04:08: Why you might be inclined to plan.  
05:06: Sometimes a cursory process is enough: Year Planning Lite
06:06: The how-to: Creating a 2018 Year Vision Statement.
07:24: My 2018 Vision Statement as an example. 
09:03: Finding a One Word Theme for the year.
10:15: Alternate approaches for various processing types
11:39: The how-to: Year in Review.
13:06: The how-to: Envisioning 2018
13:37: The how-t0: Planning by Domain
17:54: The process of revisiting and review.
19:17: Join us next for Part 2. Some of the topics we'll explore including: effective planners, identifying your Super Power, “Who I Am” statements, Life Orientation, Habit Design, Having a Quest,Long-Range Planning and Visions.
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