Episode #5: Year Planning – Part 2

This is Episode is a deeper look into Year Planning for 2018.    


00:22: Intro

01:34: Overview of using the 2018 Year Planning Workbook.  The Rock Jar in reverse.

02:31: Tracking and recording options

03:25 Pre-printed hard-copy planner Options, Morning Rituals, Workday Shutdown

04:36:  The Rule of Three

05:54: Gratitudes and thinking about what you don't want to do. 

06:52: Bullet Journals

07:51 Identifying your Super Powers, Skills, Traits, and Gifts, asking for insight, 

11:12: Assessment tests for Strengths and Values.

17:43 Habit Design, Tiago Forte, the 1% Solution

19:01 Habit tracking apps,

21:08: Going deeper.

21:44: Having a Quest.

24:06: Death as a guide, The Tail of End of time with parents, Long Term planning.

27:39 Kahlil Gibran's poem on death.

29:01: Celebration

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