#50: Articulate Empathic Truth with David Sauvage

Feelings and needs matter and David Sauvage is an empath who can experience them directly. David gives readings as performance art and teaches fellow empaths how to thrive through online courses.  In a very light and playful way he helps others to get in touch with their own emotions and to experience their innate ability to tune in empathically to others around them. He is currently doing a one-man play in New York called “Empath,” about his discovery of this ability and gift. David and Lisa discuss the importance of the emotional experience, the energetic shifts and needs we are facing now in our culture, and how his work and art helps to change the narrative.

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  • Our emotional experience is the primary experience. Instead of the habitual and cultural tendency to tend to what the situation calls for externally or on a social surface level, the real healing is found in attention to what is needed internally and emotionally.
  • Our society is results-oriented, which means our emotional awareness often takes a backseat and the subtext is to bury our needs.
  • As an empath, David consciously takes on the energy, emotion or experience of others in his own body, feels it and reflects it back both with words and in his own body. This helps guide them to deal with whatever it is they need to focus on, bring up, and heal.
  • David integrates the information he receives during the initial reading but typically closes his eyes so he can be in himself and the person’s feelings as purely as possible.
  • One of the through-lines in David’s work is changing narratives and orienting around the truths around love and the human experience.
  • Balance is something we get to when we embrace the other side fully.
  • Lisa and David discuss the need and calling for a deep connection with the power of the feminine, with an ability to express it in a way that is powered by the masculine.
  • The unfolding of emotions and energies needs safety or comfort to be able to present itself.
  • When you have women trying to be feminine with a strong will and masculine determination, you get this artificial femininity.
  • Structure and rules are beneficial to create a safe environment for energy to flow and be safely expressed.
  • We all want to surrender, it’s the natural flow. The question is not how to make ourselves surrender, it’s how to create spaces for that underlying urge to emerge.



“There’s a tendency to trivialize things that don’t hit the button of obvious trauma.”

“I do some combination of psychic work and therapeutic work.”

“The more I sit with discomfort, the more I find myself.”

“I love bringing the audience along for a magic carpet ride.”

“For us to heal from the oppressive structures that we live in right now, we will need to embrace the unpredictable, emergent, and messy emotionality. Only that can lead us out.”

“The path is unknowable and it cannot be analyzed, but it can be witnessed.”

“The feminine urge will appear all on its own, it doesn’t need any work at all.”

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