#58: The Power of Presence with Speaker Crystal Langen

Crystal Langen is a story-teller, thought leader, transformational speaker, and stargazer. She has a passion for supporting women to embrace their beauty, speak up, and unleash their voices. Today, she discusses how the polarity of her upbringing led to her being such an available and present presence for both herself and those around her. She talks and shares her ideas on mixing routine and rituals, the lessons that unfolded when she decided to be a model for women, starting with her daughter. This episode may have you cleaning your closet, and embracing your inner self all at the same time.


[4:14] Despite her dad being a young parent, even at the age of 15, he taught Crystal how to be a nurturer and how to connect and cultivate a connection with herself.

[6:41] Through her upbringing with many youthful and vibrant adults in the family, Crystal got to know herself and mature at an earlier age compared to her peers. This protection and independence that came with being around many adults and changing schools also shows up for Lisa in the world of homeschooling.

[19:01] Crystal airs on the side mixing structured routines and rituals with her children. She is teaching them at a young age to respect their bodies, the consent of others and self-care.

[27:25] During a magical photo shoot, Crystal’s intuition spoke to her and said she was pregnant with a girl. The thought of bringing female energy into the world gave her a feeling of urgency to go even deeper into the feminine divine.

[30:42] Joining KC Baker’s Mastermind felt like a present that landed in Crystal’s lap. She was surrounded by powerful, nurturing and supportive women who helped bring more gratitude and clarity into her experience.

[36:22] In Crystal’s world, it is a gift for women to celebrate each other’s power and beauty, in all forms. Despite the conditioning and marketing our society has to make women doubt their beauty and their voice, Crystal’s work helps women embrace their natural confidence that they may have lost touch with over the years.

[39:50] Crystal is a huge fan of making mistakes out loud and learning from experiences that show up in the moment.

[41:24] Our closets tend to reflect our internal life, and it is often a thing women tend to overlook. Crystal believes it should be one of the first things we address to create a beautiful, sacred and functional space.


  • “My nurturer was my 15-year-old dad.”
  • “I felt like I was so lucky to be able to learn from a panel of wise women.”
  • “I wanted to help other women remember a time in their lives where they were heard.”
  • “Women are gorgeous. I can see the beauty in all of them.”
  • “If more women saw what I saw, it would provide so much healing.”
  • “The closet is an untapped area, and there is a connection between the closet and her internal world.”

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