Episode #6: Facing Hiccups


00:22 Intro to the show.  How podcast production disaster left Lisa without a show to publish just hours before the weekly show time.

01:01 The backstory: that systems are needed for sustainability and Lisa's Win in getting her adult kiddo to help.

03:13 No show.  Initial freakout and then decided to go Meta for this show.

03:53 What the show is about…the first-world problem but skills for facing adversity are probably generalizable and reflect resilience.

05:10 Asking for input.

05:36 Advice from Christine Peterson, Marlow Schmauder, Colleen Robbins, James David Smith, Scott Blackburn, Kevin Faibish and Adele Sanoy, Heidy Kellison, Danielle Lynne Strachman, Pam Fox Rollins and Bob Dunhan and Susan Washington.

14:07 Appreciation and the high-level categories…Acknowledgement, Action and Learning.

17:43 More planning tools from Brittany Hoopes, being a guest on Meg Brunson's “FamilyPreneur” show.

18:58 What's to come…Tiago Forte, Melissa Monte and Sophia Fitzmedrud.

19:45 Request for input from YOU!

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