#77: Creating From the Inside Out with Influencer China Brooks

You may catch China Brooks dancing in a grocery store aisle, in a public library, or walking barefoot in nature. Wherever she is, her light shines from the inside out, and today she joins Lisa to beautifully articulate the ripple that occurs when we step into our most creative and tapped in selves. They also talk about being mixed-race, China's spiritual master classes, owning our beauty at any age, and how she helps others craft and sell high-value offerings to so they can live a balanced and spiritual life.


  • China was greatly inspired by both her mother and grandmother growing up. They were perfect examples of women doing what they wanted, not taking no for an answer and monetizing their creativity.
  • China cultivated a culture of prosperity and appreciation for the gift her background taught her of integrating into different environments. She and Lisa discuss growing up as identifying in a mixed race, and how fitting into a certain group can be challenging.
  • In Western society, spirituality isn’t usually valued as high as material wealth, or it is highly consumerized to try and sell products and programs that promise individuals spirituality.
  • China made a decision to herself to practice her own energetic hygiene. It is a daily commitment to feel the pain and uncomfortable emotions of life rather than numb and sedate.
  • Feeling our pain makes it shift, resisting it makes it stick.
  • When we work on our inner beauty, we see the gift of our outer beauty.
  • Taking care of yourself impacts your energy and it’s a way to change the quality of how we show up in the world.
  • Whether it’s Pinterest or people watching, you can find things that appeal to you and your representation of beauty and fashion.
  • Fashion is a way of adorning and appreciating our body.
  • When you believe that you can, the external reality will reflect it. It is our gift to others to live in our highest self.
  • China strongly believes in brainwave entrainment, or the concept that whatever energy you are carrying around really impacts the people around you. When you engage in a creative act that gives you joy and energy,  you are changing your neural pathways and then ultimately – the world.
  • The most powerful thing we can do is live in our own alignment and shine the light for others to do the same.


“You can do anything. Literally, you can do anything.”

“Can we be something other than ‘other’?”

“The way out is through.”

“The cure for pain is the pain.” – Rumi

“We can find beauty anywhere.”

“Each person has something to offer the world, and the world needs whatever brilliance that you have.”

“Make sure you factor yourself in and take care of yourself first.”


Three Life Lessons:

  1. Include yourself!
  2. Your feeling state is a key to creating from the inside out. Recognize them, embrace them, and pay attention to them. For all the material things we think we want, we are chasing a feeling state.
  3. You have a body, be present in it. Whether it’s dancing, painting, horseback riding or feeling the snow on our nose, it’s important to feel actual bodily sensations.


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