#82: Hope, Healing and Laughter with Holistic Animal Practitioner Rachel Augusta

Rachel Augusta is the daughter of a retired Lutheran Minister. She grew up in the limelight because of her father’s profession but in spite of a clash with his Christian beliefs her desire to heal animals all over the world won out. She joins Lisa to talk about her path from being a Vaudeville performer in Hollywood to her current passion for healing animals. She offers resources for us to get started taking care of ourselves to also benefit our precious furry friends.


  • Rachel is the daughter of a retired Lutheran Minister and grew up in the limelight because of her father’s profession. There was a clash with his Christian beliefs, and her desire to work hands-on with healing animals. 
  • You don’t need to wait for a partner or a reason to travel. It expands your perspective and provides you with a full rich life. 
  • Rachel lived in Hollywood from 1996 to 2008 and did everything from acting to improv and comedy. She found Vaudeville and fell in love with singing, tap dancing, and character work. 
  • Rachel’s path to animal healing occurred when her beloved cat Holly fell ill and she used relaxation techniques to build up her immune system. She meant so much to Rachel because not only were they totally connected, but she knew everything about her and was the only spirit to truly know all sides of her life. Her work expanded her fur baby’s life from weeks to years. 
  • Rachel moved to Minnesota and found that at age 30 she was in the minority of women that age without a family. She felt the pain that this cultural narrative caused, and saw how much an animal really could give people hope and help during times of isolation. 
  • Women need to find their joy. Not only does it life the spirit, but physically heals us by providing us with the hormone release we need to boost our immunity. 
  • Rachel’s work provides synergistic healing for both the animals and their owners. 
  • Our animals really do pick up on our energy and emotions, and we must learn to relax and self soothe for their own health as well. 

Life Lessons: 

  1. Self-care is the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves and in turn help others. 
  2. When things seem horrible, you will always come out of it a stronger person
  3. Surround yourself with strong friendships with people who can hold you. 


“I was the kid everyone trusted their kid to be with, and they shouldn’t have!” 

“100 years ago, a television would have been considered witchcraft.” 

“We can’t see energy but we know that it flows from us.” 

“Your body can do amazing things when it starts working with itself.”


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