#94: Tunneling from the Dark to the Light with Wealth Coach and Author Barbara Huson

Barbara Huson is a Wealth Coach, Financial Therapist, and author of six books on financial empowerment. She is on a mission to inspire women to become financially empowered and to help show them that it’s not about the money per se, but the process of becoming wealth minded that gives us power. Barbara shares her three-step process for rewiring your brain towards wealth, ways we can reframe obstacles into opportunity, and practical tips for becoming financially empowered. 


  • Barbara was born into a wealthy family, and was told not to worry about money because there would always be enough, and someone else around to worry about it. She ended up losing all the money and inheritance through a prior marriage and quickly learned she needed to take responsibility and control of her finances. 
  • As a journalist, Barbara saw the opportunity to interview women who made a lot of money and were financially where she wanted to be. She started leading workshops from the knowledge she gained from these women, and this eventually laid the foundation for the material in her books. 
  • It’s not what you earn, it’s what you do with what you earn. 
  • It’s never too late to learn about investing and managing your money wisely. 
  • Financial success and power can bring up complicated feelings within women. Barbara reminds us that abundance and wealth is an opportunity to be our best selves and help other people. 
  • True freedom is knowing who you are in the world, and expressing it unapologetically. 
  • Getting smart about money is a three-pronged process which encompasses the inner (emotional/psychological), outer (practical), and higher (spiritual). 
  • Barbara combined her knowledge of finance and productivity with neuroscience, and this sped up the learning curve and successful results. 
  • Barbara’s steps to rewiring our brain to wealth and well bring: 
    1. Recognize limiting beliefs or thoughts. 
    2. Observe the thoughts without judgment. 
    3. Reframe them into something that reflects reality, or your goals and dreams. 
    4. Respond differently. 

It can feel easy to feel despair in life transition, even when you know it will be good in the end. Obstacles can be treasures in disguise. 

Life Lessons: 

  1. Do what you fear, because that is where your power and pleasure lie. 
  2. Success is a social activity. 
  3. Call in your higher power, and realize you are never alone. 



“If you don’t deal with your money, your money will deal with you.” 

“I write what I want to learn about.” 

“How can you be the light of the world, if you can’t pay the light bill.” – Michael Beckwith 

“The Obstacle is the Path” 

“Every woman comes to a point where they realize Prince Charming isn’t coming.” 


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