#116: Growth Mindset During Shelter in Place

Elisa Song is a trailblazing pediatrician offering practical support in these Covid-19 virus times.  She learned from her mother, an immigrant to the US who worked hard to become an Ob-Gyn even though she had three small children, that there are no strict rules — no limits — to what you can pursue as a woman. Today as a pioneering pediatrician, she partners with parents using a holistic approach to children’s health and well-being that combines the best of western medical knowledge and functional, integration, and alternative practices.

In this episode, we talk about ways to protect our children (and ourselves) from the COVID-19 virus. And what to do if we get it! Elisa explains how COVID-19 works inside the body and breaks down how our body fights against the virus. What are our best defenses? What can we do to keep our immune system strong?  What are the top 5 things we can do to protect ourselves? And what to do if we get the virus? 

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  • During the 60’s, Elisa’s mom decided to migrate to the US to fulfill her medical residency at Cornell as an Ob-Gyn. Elisa is a second generation Korean-American.
  • Living in a household of empowered and strong women taught Elisa that there’s no limit to what women can do.
  • Elisa started as a Political Science Major and had her heart set on becoming a civil rights lawyer and child advocate during her undergraduate years in Stanford. This all changed after she attended the American Medical Holistic Association’s first annual meeting in the 80’s, when she became excited about the world of alternative medicine, inspired by people like Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil. 
  • Later on, Elisa would take on her residency at NYU, practicing conventional medicine and later added training in functional medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal medicine to her toolkit before starting her own practice.
  • Elisa discusses how we can protect our children from this current COVID-19 pandemic, and lists out some lifestyle changes we can start practicing now to strengthen our immune system.
  • Elisa explains in layman’s terms how COVID-19 enters and infects an individual, the enzymes and proteins involved in the process of its replication and multiplication in the body, and gets us up-to-date with current developments and discoveries about the COVID-19 virus.
  • Elisa shares her top supplements to use during these times, and explains how exercise and sleep directly affect and boost our immune system.
  • Elisa also talks about the importance of mindfulness for boosting our immune system and shares some apps that her kids use to practice mindfulness.


“I want people to think about who they want to be post-covid.  ‘What do I want my life and my children’s lives to look like?’” -Elisa Song

“Our fear comes from the fact that we’re not in control of anything.” -Lisa

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