#83: Exponential Impact Through Community with Entrepreneur Raman Frey

Raman Frey joins the show to talk with Lisa about his love for bringing people together through common interests and passions. He discusses how GoodPeople connects fun and philanthropic-minded people through dinner salons and other events. He and Lisa talk about going past the comfort zone to get to trust and intimacy, the need for community, and how his background of growing up on a “hippie” compound shaped his curiosity and openness today. 


  • One of Raman’s life purposes is to build community around meaningful conversation. It started out as a side hustle but turned into a curated event with meaningful rituals where people feel safe to open up and risk sharing opinions without being judged or ostracized.
  • Raman grew up on a compound with multiple families and people coming and going, which he refers to as the Temple of Yoga. This shaped him by providing him with the vision of how crucial community is at a young age.
  • Raman has his hands in many pots, from serving on nonprofits, being involved with art, technology startups and other entrepreneurs.
  • Both Raman and Lisa embrace their love for working in a multitude of interests and fields. There is a need for both specialists and generalists in the world.
  • Adversity brings us together and often makes us better to each other. People connect in a way they don’t usually wouldn’t in times of struggle.
  • Rituals are super important to ground and center ourselves, so we can then bring our thoughtful energy to others.
  • The GoodPeople events are based in bringing intimacy, vulnerability and deep civil discourse to larger groups of people. Attendees can go and ask many questions, or just sit back and observe.
  • Raman sparks for positive change in others, and it involves stepping outside the paradigm.

Three Life Lessons

  1. Strive to live in total integrity. Correlation between what you say and what you do.  This will displease many in the short term and earn you respect from those who matter most in the long term.
  2. Do no harm…and know you will fail. Follow the path to greater compassion.
  3. Constantly improve your ability to discern who is and who isn’t a potential collaborator, romantic partner, friend or colleague.  Who is worthy of your respect and precious minutes?


“Everywhere I go, I’m looking for collaborators.”

“Creativity is a collaborative process.” 

“Watch what happens to the human relationships as we develop rituals to ourselves.”

“Trust and rapport have to proceed the transaction.”

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