#86: Fervor and Earnestness with CEO and Entrepreneur Francis Pedraza

Francis Pedraza describes himself as quixotically serious and uncommonly earnest. He talks with Lisa about the ways in which his grandfather set the tone for his bold passion and dedicated work ethic, and the ideals he pursues unrelentingly. He also shares his love of “dead people” wisdom, the values that guide his life, the loneliness inherent in being an outlier, and how Invisible, his automization company has a secret mission to take down the “dragon” of Western education. This is an engaging and fascinating conversation which will inspire you to raise your standards, think deeply and maybe even pick up a Penguin Classic.

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  • Francis has family that fled to the US after the Iranian Revolution, and his grandfather was once wealthy but started from scratch at the age of 50. His hard work showed Francis the miracle of America, and that there is no limit to seeing your hard work pay off. 
  • Francis is keenly aware of his values, and makes sure they play into the decisions he makes throughout his life. 
  • The magical combination lies within both thinking and doing, and it’s a journey to live between ambition, purpose, and humility. 
  • Invisible Technologies has 100 agents in 16 countries around the world, and the company operates by making exponential effectiveness. Using their digital assembly line, they can help individuals and businesses automate more of their work and save up to 41% of their time. 
  • The long term vision for Invisible Technologies is to be the world’s biggest school where you get paid, like a future apprenticeship program. 
  • When we are compensated for the freedom of our thought, we escape commoditization. 
  • Francis got a better education reading books at home as a homeschool student than he did at famous Ivy League schools. 
  • When we change people’s values, we change the world. What we hold up as good and worthy is so important. 


“We love our memes and are sort of like naturally cynical. I’m like almost chaotically serious.” 

“My ambitions are all oriented towards service and purpose.” 

“Great craftsman are proud of their excellence.” 

“The amazing things about human is that we have infinite potential.” 

“Socrates did not die so that people could watch Netflix.” 

“If there is a dragon I’m trying to kill, it’s Western education.” 

“Life imitates art more than art imitates life.” 

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