#87: Passion and Intellectual Curiosity with Teen Activists Charley and Shay

Lisa is joined by Charley and Shay, two young activists and founding members of the non-profit program Heirs to Our Oceans. These passionate independent learners are giving voice to a global movement and encouraging other youth to take a stand in the ocean crisis that threatens our tomorrow. They discuss how their incredible work came to be, how others can get on board with the movement, and why it’s up to the younger generation to answer the call to action. They also share their most memorable and personally impactful experiences with the movement.

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  • Heirs to Our Oceans consists of young leaders, ages 11 to 17. It is their mission to break barriers, connect youth globally, and empower young people to take a stand against the ocean and waterway crisis. It started first as a documentary to inspire kids, then they realized it was more about the actual movement itself to solve the ocean and waterways crisis.
  • Heirs is an interdisciplinary learning model, and both Charley and Shay include presentational speaking and writing in their travel.
  • Shay has always enjoyed public speaking and activism, and the more she saw what Heirs was doing, the more motivated she became to motivate and inspire other youth.
  • Everyone in Heirs has a focus area and individuals take on specific projects. Charley focuses on deep-sea habitats, coral reefs and human impacts, derelict fishing gear, and issues that come with recycling. Shay’s primary focus area is the science and social aspects and issues of climate change, namely how they disproportionately impact people of color and less privileged socioeconomic communities.
  • Charley’s and Shay’s advice to those looking to get involved: start local and observe what’s happening in your own community and environment. Then, take accountability in educating yourself and spring into action. Find others to work with, as there is much power in connecting with those that share your vision and mission.



“One of the most important things for us to learn is how to connect with others that might not look like you, or act like you.”

“This is an issue that cannot be abstract anymore, and it’s going to have to be the kids that do something about it.”

“A lot of families in my own community don’t have clean water from the tap.”

“There are many ecosystems and habitats that we have barely scratched the surface about that are being destroyed right now.

“We weren’t friends or even fellow activists. We were a family.”

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